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Strand Studio has been located in Parnell since 1997 and was one of
the first fully equipped Pilates studios in Auckland.


Pilates is deceptively effective...

It can help alleviate all kinds of injuries and complaints.It is particularly effective for treating back problems and is excellent for hip or knee rehabilitation after surgery. Pilates is also beneficial for pregnant women - pre and post-natal. Utilising the resistance of springs or pulleys you can focus on individual muscle groups and work them without putting strain on other areas. Strand Pilates is a boutique studio space filled with light and a sense of calm.

Brenda’s long association with Pilates began in the UK in 1986. After experimenting with many forms of exercise she discovered Pilates. She began her training in 1995 under the guidance of Alan Herdman who pioneered Pilates in the UK. Alan worked intensively with the original assistants of Joseph Pilates; Carola Trier and Robert Fitzgerald, opening the first Pilates Studio in London in 1970. On returning to NZ, Brenda founded her own studio and has been based in Parnell since 1997.